Castello dei Principi Sanseverino

Well Done

Castello dei Principi Sanseverino is an outstanding place, implementing energy saving and environmental protection practices, and reducing  waste production. It uses: flow regulators on taps, energy saving bulbs, fan coil heating system.
The facility organizes: cooking courses, fashion shows, art exhibitions, meetings, conferences and many other events; in addition to organizing various guided tours, guests can go on different types of Trekking among the fascinating trails of the Pollino National Park.
For travelers with Slow Tourism Passport there is a 10% discount and a drink as a welcome gift.

Castello dei Principi Sanseverino is an historical house and a family-run business.
The castle is located in the highest point of Viggianello, a small Italian town, which joined the Association  "Borghi più belli d’Italia".
The first settlement dates back to Roman times with the construction of a castrum (building) that  controlled the valley below and the many main roads that crisscrossed the hill Serra and that were already used by the Achaean.
The Normans built the solid square tower and restored the walls of the village where remain few trace element. The Swabians improved the structure with the typical Frederick art. The Emperor Frederick II of Swabia in the XIII century twice stayed in its rooms. Headquarters of the feudal lord in the Angevin and Aragonese period, it became the military and administrative center of a vast territory. It was conquered in the fifteenth century by Gonzalo de Cordoba. In the sixteenth century the Sanseverino princes transformed the castle into a palace, since there was no longer need for defense.
Everything speaks of  past: the ancient well dug into the rock, the secret passage, the huge and severe stone fireplace, located in the dining room, also called the "Sala del Camino".
There is an historical library, a place where guests can spend relaxing moments, full of charm and history preserved in the ancient scrolls, in papal bulls and volumes from the library that dates back to sixteenth century.
The castle has 14 spacious rooms and suites. Each room has the name of a flower that stands out the naturalistic line of the structure.
The rooms are furnished in eighteenth and nineteenth century styles, such as the Empire style and Louis XIV style.
The rooms are elegant, cozy and furnished in every detail with panoramic balconies towards the village and the Pollino massif.

The spacious and refined room, rich in history, is ideal to enjoy a cuisine based on the traditions and the scents of the land. The mastery of the chefs, the friendliness of the staff make the restaurant a tempting idea for those who are looking for the delicious food combined with the beauty of the location.
The breakfast consist mostly of homemade desserts such as apple pie, jam tarts, chocolate cakes, crumbled ricotta and chocolate, biscuits or chocolate, yoghurt and more. .It is served with milk, tea, coffee, cappuccino and juices.
A typical menu of the residence is composed of: " Lucani’s flavors "first course made of ham, brawn, or seasoned sausage; cottage cheese and cheeses, typical pecorino; eggplant or grilled peppers; bruschetta with tomato or mushrooms and many other delicacies.
The first dishes are: Risotto with porcini mushrooms, strozzapreti sausage sauce, gnocchi with bread crumbs and peppers bran of "Senise", tagliatelle with wild boar sauce, pasta with truffles, tagliolini with white beans.
The second courses consist mainly of meat from the Pollino pastures: grilled veal tenderloin with tricolor salad, lamb and potatoes, sliced pork speck marked the grilled mushrooms and peppers and many other dishes.
AT the end seasonal fruit and a good homemade cake will be served.
The wines that accompany the meals are mostly local light wines or wines such as the Aglianico del Vulture.

The Castle of Sanseverino Principles is located in the heart of Pollino National Park. With its 193,000 hectares between southern Basilicata and the north of Calabria, it is the largest natural park in Italy and offers visitors a multitude of opportunities. The most relevant attraction is nature, especially for those who love trekking and hiking and sports linked to it, such as rafting, canyoning, and climbing. Guests will find fascinating places rich in history, rooted in ancient traditions, that are still alive. Spectacular examples are  the festival of  fir of Viggianello and Rotonda, the “Giudaica” in the old village of Laino, the dance of the “Falcetto” in Viggianello. These are historical re-enactments of great charm that combine the beauty of nature to the enhancement of the old territorial rites.
Of particular prehistoric significance, we find the Papasidero anthropological site and the paleontological museum of Rotonda which preserves ancient fossils.
Near the castle guests can admire the beautiful Mercure spring, a natural place  linked to Viggianello’s origins.
Going back towards Viggianello guests can take the path that leads to the area of ​​the Deer Wildlife: a nature trail, suitable for everyone, leading to a close encounter with deers.
A few kilometers away  guests can search  ancient plants, among which stands out the wonderful and rare pine Lorica.

The castle has 14 spacious rooms, all cozy and furnished in every detail, with: private bathroom, TV, mini bar and free wi-fi.
Rates are:
€ 55 for bed and breakfast
€ 75 for half board
€ 90 for full board
Prices are per person per day, drinks are included with meals.
The rates are not valid during special offers and packages  the castle offers throughout the year.