To facilitate the spreading of a more sustainable and responsible kind of tourism Slow Tourism participates in projects and promotes various kinds of activities and events that aim at valorizing local identities and the natural and cultural resources of territories.


  • May 10th 2014 – organization of the conference “The fashion sector as a tool to promote the tourism development of territories” in Spello (PG) Villa Fidelia. The event aimed at bringing together experts of the fashion, tourism and sustainable development sectors to further explore new ways of increasing tourism visibility.
  • November 22nd 2012 organization of a workshop “Slow Botanical tourism: from the analysis of the current context to the creation of a quality brand”, at the conference center of Ville Ponti di Varese. The workshop was part of an international conference “Monumental trees – culture, philosophy and techniques” and aimed at focusing the attention on the itineraries that valorize the environment which have as their protagonists: monumental trees, botanical and historical gardens. During the workshop the idea of a Slow Botanical tourism quality brand was discussed together with different ways to participate in its diffusion.
  • September 2011. Participation in the project: “Promoting sustainable and responsible tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina” co-financed by the Central European Initiative (CEI). With the project, Slow Tourism worked with Bosnian organizations to transfer its knowhow, principles and best practices to promote sustainable and responsible tourism and valorize natural and cultural resources.
  • April 2011 – “Organization of a course for B&B owners financed by the Foligno municipality.
  • April 2011 –  Participation as speaker in the Bio-Fest conference financed by the Umbrian Region.
  • March 2011 –  Participation in the exhibit organized in Brindisi “United by an ocean of peace”