Costantine Foundation

Well Done

The weaving crafts workshop "Amando e Cantando" produces textile itemsmade on ancient wooden looms 4 heddles recovering traditions and techniques dating back hundreds of years ago. At Fondazione Le Costantine is possible to find biodynamic agriculture, which is clean and ethic, and improves the fertility of the earth and food quality, demonstrating in a new and modern way as the work of man can be in full harmony with the laws of nature.

Three Noblewomen, the sisters Giulia and Lucia Starace with their cousin Lucia De Viti De Marco, daughter of the well-known economist Antonio, dedicated their whole life to others.Complying with their wishes in 1982 arise "The Foundation Constantine", a farming, craft and educational center.An oasis of peace surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean scrub, in an enchanting setting a few kilometers from Otranto, Porto Badisco, Santa Cesarea and Castro, which brings together in a single reality hospitality, weaving, biodynamic agriculture and training .

The Foundation's excellent restaurant “Le Constantine” uses the company's bio-dynamic farm products and rework them in the typical dishes of the Salento tradition.

Foundation "Le Constantine" covers over 33 hectares in the countryside of Uggiano la Chiesa, a short walk from the center of Casamassella, near the dell'Idro Valley. Otranto’s blue sea is the setting for an enchanting scenery of woods and Mediterranean scrub.
Guests can admire olive groves, meadows, scented broom and myrtle bushes, locust trees, oaks, pines and many botanical rarities such as Vallonea oak and small wild orchids.