Fattoria ai Pavoni

Well Done

Malin family is environmentally friendly and point to the sustainability of the farmhouse that owns also the farm and petting zoo.
The soils are organically grown (according to Reg. 2092/91) controlled by BIOS, and it produce apples, pears, apricots, plums, kiwis, grapes, nectarines, cherries, watermelons, melons, strawberries and vegetables.
Guests can rent bicycles to discover the landscape of the Delta. During the year there are cultural events and educational courses.
They are divided into thematic routes for students of all levels, from kindergarten to high school, to show them the link between man and the environment, the earth, nature and traditions.
And there is the bread course that teaches how to do it and also the cookies and to bake them in the old oven of the farm; the course of bees, honey and wax with which they realize statues with the help of stencils; the course of farm animals including the donkey and the cow, as well as the peacocks; that of the fruit, which also teaches to make jams and juices; the path of organic and eco compatibility that teaches techniques to cultivate bio insects and how to eat according to seasonal rhythms.
Finally the course of the vegetable garden who teaches how grow a small crop.
The farm is also a selling point of many organic products, such as fruit juices, jams and sauces for dressing pasta, jams, homemade sausages.
There are guided tours of the farm. For guests registered to Slow Tourism there is a surprise gift!

The Fattoria Pavoni is managed by the family Malin since 1903.
Today there are Renzo Malin, his wife Claudia and their daughter Georgia.
In the early 90s began to cultivate the land with the method of organic farming (Reg. 2092/91) controlled by BIOS.
The property has 4 apartments consist of: bedroom, living room/kitchen and bathroom (a total of 8 beds), a lounge for events (ceremonies, parties and meetings of up to 60 seats), and outdoor area with games for children, picnic area with barbecue.

The catering service provides food prepared with products from the garden and from the farm.
It is offered fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables, fresh products processed in the home that are: preserves, honey, corn flour and wheat, jams, fruit juices, apple juice without sugar, honey, biscuits vegan (no dairy, eggs and sugar), cured meats, wine, toasted bread, whole wheat pasta with spelled, wheat polonico, wheat senator hats and more.

The farm is located in the Park of the Po Delta, a few kilometres from the sea.

It offers full breakfast of homemade products, including apple juice and cookies vegan.
The cost is:
- 28 Euros per person per night for a single room;
- 45 Euros per person per night for a double room.
Children under 12 pay half (14 Euros).
The cost for the weekend is:
- 75 Euros per person per night for a single room;
- EUR 125 per person per night for a double room.
Linen and linen change weekly are included.
For longer stays, it can request a custom quote.