La Traversina

Well Done

The farmhouse la Traversina offers its guests an unforgettable and perfumed view thanks to its internal garden made of 400 blooming roses.
In June it is possible to admire fireflies that light up the night.
There are 200 different kinds of antique roses, English and modern styles, 50 varieties of Iris, 100 kinds of Hosta, and hydrangea, sage, geraniums and other uncommon plants are cultivated both in the garden and in the nursery.
Guests can purchase flowers and plants either in vases or with their roots.
Every year between February and March and then in May, the owners organize gardening classes.
It is also possible to attend Yoga and cooking classes.

The farmhouse la Traversina ensures friendly hospitality, relaxation and good food.
The atmosphere that prevails is one of total calm.
The furniture of the bedrooms, living and dining rooms were carefully chosen.
In every room souvenirs from trips, books and family objects are present and they create a cozy atmosphere.
The farmhouse offers its guests two bedrooms, The Painter and Blue rooms, and three apartments: the House of the Old Pear Tree, the Small Rose House, The Small Chinese Rose House.

Breakfast costs 10€ per person and consists of a choice of: tea, coffee, chocolate, orange juice, butter, organic homemade jams, fruit pies baked fresh every day and always different, cheese from Piemonte DOP, bread toasted at the moment.
Note: for guests who stay at least three night and decide to order breakfast, the price is 7.5€ per person.
Dinner costs 28€ per person and includes: one or two appetizers, a first course with pasta or rice; a second course with meat or vegetarian choices, a side dish, coffee and liquor.
In the preparation of dinner only high quality products and ingredients are used, directly produced by the owners or by nearby farmers.

The business is located in Stazzano, a town famous for its Civic Museum of Natural History located in the beautiful Villa Gardella.
With a day trip it is possible to reach Tortona and Alessandria.
There are several castles that deserve a visit:  Cassano, Forte di Gavi, Torre Ratti, Pozzolo Formigaro,   Spinola-Migliacco, Pietra and Tagliolo castles.
Excursion and mountain lovers can easily reach an itinerary amongst beech and spruce trees, Mount Giarolo (1473 m), a symbol of the area such as Ebro Mountain.
From the top of Mount Giarolo it is possible to enjoy a vast view: towards north and west it is possible to admire the plain up to the Alps, in the other direction the nearby Bogleglio, Ebro and Antola mountains.
On clear days the view can reach up to the Ligurian Sea.

The Blue and Painter rooms:
01/01 - 30/04 e 15/09 - 31/12: €95 per night breakfast included
01/05 - 30/09: €105 per night breakfast included.
Apartments for 2 people:
- Casetta "Del Vecchio Pero"
Studio  per 2 persons  with kitchenette  and a private balcony with view
01/01 - 30/04 e 15/09 - 31/12: €95 per night
01/05 - 30/09: 110€ per night
- Casetta "Delle Rose"
Studio  per 2 persons  with kitchenette  and a private balcony with view
01/01 - 30/04 e 15/09 - 31/12: €110 per night
01/05 - 30/09: €125€ per night
- Casetta "Della Rosa Cinese"
Studio  for 2 people  with kitchenette  and a private balcony with view
01/01 - 30/04 e 15/09 - 31/12: €115 per night
01/05 - 30/09: €130 per night