La Tavola dei Cavalieri

Well Done

The farmhouse Tavola dei Cavalieri owes its name to a special event took place over 800 years ago in memory of the last trip St. Francis made on the road between Assisi and Nocera Umbra.
The Cavalcade of Satriano is celebrated every year at the beginning of September, in memory of the last journey of Saint Francis.
History tells us that the Holy One, seriously ill, was taken back to his hometown by a group of knights who went to resume him in Nocera Umbra, passing Satriano.
The commemoration is celebrated with the transition, between the lands of Nocera Umbra and Assisi of a group of knights who, in period costume, retracing the last journey of Francis.
A place where to relax in an environment rich in history surrounded by nature in complete relaxation and wellbeing.
Wake up in the morning with the chirping of birds and the silence of the surrounding nature.
The typical food and farm’s production will bring customers to their childhood’s flavors... meats and house wine, bread and homemade pasta.
Come to Assisi to discover the village of Tavola dei Cavalieri... customers can indulge in various activities.
If customers like to walking there are some beautiful trails that will lead to know our herds in the wild, ancient castles, small churches, the green nature that surrounds us.
If customers want to relax, can treat themselves to a massage or stand comfortably lying by the pool while drinking in the first warm spring, listening to the birds that inhabit the park; all in front of a panoramic view of the green hills of Assisi.
If customers are interested to know how we produce the craft beer, the owners will be happy to accompany them to the Brewery at Antico Monastero di San Biagio.
If customers want to dedicate themselves to discover the genuine taste of Umbria, the owners will be happy to make them taste their products at the Osteria di Campagna, to return after a day of discovery of the tourist spots of the region.
Good food, good beer, relax ... it just need to book.
For travelers with Slow Tourism Passport there is a discount of 10% off the stay during the low/mid-season, as well as a welcome gift: glass of wine or beer of the estate.

On the slopes of Mount Subasio in the town of Assisi, La Tavola dei Cavalieri is surrounded by nature in the natural park of Mount Subasio.
The farmhouse combines the harmony and beauty of nature with hospitality, to create special feelings that make feel good.
The Village, completely renovated in full respect of ancient traditions, is surrounded by 18 hectares of forest; it is equipped for walking, riding and mountain biking, which require different levels of engagement.
Located about 800 meters of altitude in the Natural Park of Mount Subasio, in front of the green hills the Rock of Assisi.
Life in the Village is simple and characterized from rhythms in harmony with the environment.
A careful selection of ingredients, chosen among the products of the farm, allows the realization of tasty and healthy food, exalting the typical dishes of the Umbrian and Tuscan cuisine.
The company was founded in 2004 in S. Maria di Lignano in the Mount Subasio Park about 20 km from Assisi.
Its objective is the preservation of biodiversity as a breed of black pig. Biodiversity is crucial because its conservation depends on the maintenance of ecological balance of the planet and the survival of our species.
Nature - for those who raise outdoors - is the main ally for the entire production cycle, only "added ingredient" able to stimulate and to grow in contact with the open air, with sunlight and with functional exercise especially grazing, the immune system, making the animal almost immune to diseases.
Also able to enhance the flavor of their products on our plates. Power is another factor that has a significant effect on the quality, not only because bio, therefore safer for the health of the consumer, but also for the ability of food to transfer to meat many olfactory and taste pleasing, because "we are always what we eat".
Therefore, thanks to mixtures of corn flour, barley, fava bean cold administered, we get poorer meat of cholesterol, and rich in unsaturated and linoleic acids.
Finally even membership of historic races, indigenous and colored, plays its importance on the quality, as the flesh of the black pig is more suited to the conservation and transformation because its pH, after slaughter, does not drop significantly as It takes place with the other races.
The meats used in the preparation of our meats are exclusively of pig 20-24 months of age.
Our sausages are bio diverse: The Black Pig, like all native species in the process of recovery, it is rare (just a few leaders), compared to the improved breeds (landrace, large white etc.) and reduced fertility (6/8 puppies with childbirth against 10/16 of the other races).
There is a high risk of inbreeding that would affect the already small number of pigs born.
In the black pigs raised in the wild, although it is recognized as strong maternal instinct of sows, it has a reduced number of piglets at weaning, compared to the improved breeds but also to those reared in native tethering.
Our animals reach maturity and are slaughtered at around 20-24 months of age (compared to 9 months of improved breeds), achieving a harmonious and correct maturation of the meat.
The ratio between the cost of production of black pig and pig (common) improved 1/4 and finally the meat processing is handmade and has a higher cost than that of industrial transformation.

In the opening period of the structure, it is possible to taste organic products at KM O at lunch and dinner. Half board has a cost of €30 per person excluding drinks and includes a starter, 1 first or main course, dessert.
We are Manufacturers of sausages and meat of black pig in the wild organic.
We use the wine of Baroni Campanino, which is part of the same estate.
Food of Tenuta Assisi Resort: craft beer, sausages and organic pork, oil, organic/biodynamic wine, jams, pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits.

Nearby there are Assisi, Nocera Umbra and Gubbio.

In all rooms there is the bathroom, the cost in a double room ranges from a minimum of 45€ per day per person in low season, €50 mid-season, to a maximum of 65€ in high season.