Slow Tourism organizes training classes and expert advice aimed at increasing the quality of the services offered by tourist entrepreneurs to make territories more welcoming places. Training classes and expert advice are offered to key actors in the tourism sector at a local level, who are then organized to improve the skills necessary to create not only networks, but also hospitality capable of attracting tourism and responding to the increasing requests made by travelers for unique and engaging experiences.

Welcoming Slow Tourism City”

Some travelers enjoy visiting locations when no special events are taking place, to better get in contact with locals in their everyday life and to share habits and local traditions.

To support municipalities in the creation and promotion of unique and engaging tourism experiences capable of responding to growing tourism demand, Slow Tourism proposes the project “Welcoming Slow Tourism City”: a complete offering of training classes and expert advice managed by  professionals to increase the quality of the tourism services that make towns, cities and whole communities welcoming places. Traffic police, public transportation drivers, employees of tourism offices, museums and entrepreneurs: the training classes and expert advice offered by Slow Tourism  target all key actors of the tourism sector.

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“Quality and Hospitality Slow Tourism”

Tourists are increasingly asking for unique, sustainable and engaging tourism offers. To support associations, consortium in the updating and acquisition of new competences necessary to facilitate the arrival of new tourists flows , the Association proposes the training offer Quality and Hospitality Slow Tourism”. It is made of three courses – first, intermediate and advances levels – aimed at promoting the acquisition of capacities to innovate the tourism offers, taking advantages of the opportunity to network with other subjects of the territory. Owners and managers of farmhouses, B&B, holiday homes, travel agencies, associations, producers of typical products, entrepreneurs active in tourism local development and other actors interested in a renewed tourism promotion. These are the beneficiaries of the offer “Quality and Hospitality Slow Tourism”.

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