Quality Label

What is a brand?

A quality brand is a tool capable of reaching objectives by:

  • Differentiating businesses in the market that acquired such through the adoption of specific principles, criteria and practices;
  • Guaranteeing the final user of a service or good a high-quality level and transparency.

Brands are regulated by the European Directive 2006/123/CE adopted in Italy through the law 59/2010 that states that organizations which create/manage a brand must publish the characteristics and requirements of the brand on their web sites while informing the Ministry of the Economic Development.

Slow Tourism is listed in the database of the Ministry of the Economic Development  that collects some of the most relevant brands in Italy.

Slow Tourism’s brand goal

The quality brand Slow Tourism aims at distinguishing and making all tourism businesses active in the promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism easily identifiable.

Tourism businesses that adopt good practices in the valorization of local culture, in the protection of the environment and natural resources receive the Slow Tourism quality label, an icon of engagement in the protection of territories and valuable tourism destinations.  Slow Tourism’ brand is issued only after the accomplishment of the Self-Certification Test .